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Conseiller régional Grand Est : les-patriotes.fr/jadhere Rejoignez-nous ! In particular, he pushed to make the EU a salient issue and indeed contributed to an increasingly critical party stance toward Brussels.

While there is no obvious replacement for her, she has now lost a key ally within the party at a crucial time of reform, and could lose her hand over the FN should a credible challenger (possibly her niece Marion Maréchal, should she decide to return to politics) emerge.Finally, a divided party is likely to have an even harder time imposing itself as the main opposition to President Macron.

Wie kent Florian Philippot niet? Florian Philippot, one of the most influential figures in France’s Front National, resigned from his position on 21 September amid tensions over the future direction of the party. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested users Verified account Protected Tweets @ Protected Tweets @ Président du mouvement Les Patriotes. Président du mouvement Les Patriotes. He followed her in her ambition to ‘dedemonise’ the party and had a key role in introducing a more ‘social’ and sovereigntist aspect to the FN’s ideological offer.
Importantly, he also put a lot of effort into bringing young blood into the party, targeting especially individuals with a ‘technocratic’ profile, such as graduates from elite French schools and senior civil servants.As much as the party tries to hide it, however, the Front National, like many other parties, is divided in currents and the rise of the Philippot line did not please everyone. De portefeuille ‘Strategie en Communicatie’ werd hem gisteren ontnomen. 15.261 personen praten hierover. Third, Marine Le Pen’s position also appears potentially less secure.

On 21 September, Florian Philippot, who had served as Marine Le Pen’s number two and Vice President responsible for the Front National’s Communication and Strategy, announced that he was quitting the party. This faction was the first to seize the chance to blame the presidential loss and the underwhelming results of the legislative elections that followed it on Philippot, pushing for a return to the ‘fundamentals’ of the FN.Following the party’s disappointing election results, Le Pen announced that the FN would pursue a radical programme of renovation to become a ‘party of government’. While Le Pen received a historic level of support, it was below what the party was hoping for.

Sur cette photo tweetée par un compte de soutien à Marine Le Pen, on peut voir la présidente FN avec à sa gauche Daniel Philippot et à sa droite Alain Avello, le président du collectif au niveau national. Et il est là le père de Florian Philippot.Comme le révélait le Scan du Figaro le 16 octobre, Daniel Philippot va diriger le collectif Racine pour le grand Nord.

Florian Philippot par Claude Truong-Ngoc juillet 2014.jpg 3,321 × 4,981; 8.68 MB Philippot-150912-crop.JPG 2,218 × 2,848; 2.68 MB Roubaix - Apéritif patriote en présence de Florian Philippot, président du mouvement Les Patriotes, le 24 novembre 2017 (11).JPG 2,208 × 1,801; 1.09 MB

Hij stapt uit de partij omdat hij aan de zijlijn gezet werd. Around the same time, Philippot formed his group ‘While the split is not as severe as the one that touched the party in 1998, when Bruno Mégret left and took around half of the party, including many ‘cadres’, into his new party, the Second, his leaving could lead the FN to return to basics, thus losing a number of the ‘left-lepenistes’ as French political scientist Pascal Perrineau has called them, that were attracted by Philippot’s anti-EU and statist stance. In fact, Le Pen had hoped that making it into the second round of the presidential election and securing a good result in the legislative elections would make the FN the best placed party to represent the main voice of opposition to the President. Début 2012, lorsque Florian Philippot est révélé au grand public et entre dans son costume de directeur de campagne de Marine Le Pen, Répondre à des questions sur l'enfance de mon fils ne me dérange pas mais

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